Q: What's the difference between Granite, Marble and Quartz?
A: Granite: Granite is a natural porous stone which is quarried in blocks and cut into slabs. The granite must be sealed and can last up to 25 years before resealing.
Marble: Marble is porous and is not recommended for in kitchens. However if someone only had their kitchen for show then marble can be used. Marble is soft, permeable and vulnerable to stains and used mostly in bathrooms. If lemon or any acidic foods contact the countertop the shine will come off. It is recommended sealing every year.
Quartz: Quartz is an abundant gemstone, and it makes an ideal countertop in many ways. Combine ground quartz with coloring pigment and a binding agent. Quartz is the most durable manufactured countertops on the market and solid surface. Quartz does not require sealing.
Q: What is the time frame to complete the install of my stone countertops?
A: We can measure within 48 hours from purchase. The install date is 7-14 days after your measure date.
Q: Are my countertops sealed or do I need to seal them?
A: Indy Custom Stone seals all countertops before installation. We use a Sealer called Dry Treat that comes with a 15 year or 25 year warranty sealer.
Q: How do I care for and maintain my stone countertops?
A: Granite- Clean with soap and water and products that are approved for granite.
Marble- Use a natural, light soap or marble cleaner for deeper cleaning.
Quartz- Clean Use a glass or surface cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge to clean up dried or heavy stains.
For all surfaces the best way to avoid staining your countertop is to remove liquids or sauces immediately from your countertop.
Q: What is the difference between honed and polished?
A: A honed surface finish is a SMOOTH surface without reflection. A honed finish gives a matte like appearance to a low sheen. The finish remains flatter than a full gloss polish. It's definitely not super shiny and there's very little, if any reflection
A polished surface finish is Smooth, Shiny and Reflective. It highlights the character of your stone. The full color, depth, and crystal structure is visible.
Q: Can you burn stone countertops with a hot pan?
A: No. Granite is an extremely hard natural stone. It cannot be affected by heat from a cook top or frying pan. Anything 500 degrees or less will be fine
Q; Can I chop with a knife on granite?
A: Knives will not scratch granite, however, cutting on your countertops is not recommended as your knives will dull very quickly. Damage may also occur on the surface over time in the way of light cut marks and eventually an abrasive surface.


Q: What form of payments do you take?
A: We take Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover
Q: Do you offer payment plans or financing?
A: Please see store for details.
Q: When is payment due?
A: 100% down before installation is required.